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Luchi Product Development

Luchi can formulate your product

At Luchi, research and development underlies all of our business endeavors. The researching of new products and different synergistic ways of incorporating ingredients is a never-ending activity and creates the foundation for all of our ventures. At the same time, Luchi actively manufactures a variety of finished products. Being involved from start to finish necessitates a thorough understanding of the entire development process.

With an innumerable number of products out there on stores shelves, standing out is absolutely essential. Labeling, packaging, catchy slogans are all helpful, but really, the product does all the talking. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront in terms of what the new “it” ingredient is, or what the new and up-and-coming superfood is going to be. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw a bunch of ingredients into a capsule and call it a supplement. Every ingredient must have a unique and beneficial purpose; otherwise, we (and plenty of customers out there) consider it “filler”.

How would it work?

Suppose your company “Really Good For You” wants to release a line of superfood powders. You would like to have a mix that would be beneficial for women athletes. We would create an open line of communication and begin formulation. Surely, there are more steps involved but these are unique based on the specific job and must be discussed throughout the process.

Imagine the possibilities with Luchi – we could build your product line from scratch, just based on a faint idea you might have!

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