Co-Packing & Private Labeling

Co-Packing & Private Labeling


What does co-packing mean? Basically, it means having your product made according to your exact specifications. Our facilities are set up with the equipment necessary to do most co-packing projects. Depending on the level of involvement your firm decides to engage in with Luchi, we can lease or rent the necessary equipment to satisfy your packing needs.

The most appealing advantage of our co-packing service is that you avoid nearly all overhead. You pay us a single co-packing fee – usually per batch of product or on a per unit basis. We pay all of the associated overheard – our employees, rent, insurance, etc. Save the headache, we already have everything set up!

Our co-packing centers are fully certified organic, and are vegan. As such, we are largely interested in companies with food items that meet these requirements, although this by no means excludes your company if your products do not meet these standards. We still may be able to facilitate you.

Private Labeling

We are also happy to offer private labeling, which is essentially putting your label on a product that we currently manufacture. We manufacture many superfood items, which consists of mostly raw foods, supplements, etc. Please request a list of products possible for private labeling. To illustrate the process, consider this example: you want to sell Goji Berry powder, but do not currently have the means to do so. Luchi is able to supply the ingredients, labor, packaging materials, the labels and the workforce to distribute this item to stores, but with YOUR label on the item. Private labeling can be the easiest and fastest way to get a product line created. There are minimum orders for private labeling.

If you are interested in our co-packing & private labeling services please contact us and fill out the necessary form. Contact Us.