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Highly-Trained Staff

Luchi strives to employ only experts in their fields. From logistics to marketing, our team excels at what they do.

Expertise in the Industry

Between living healthy lifestyles for our whole lives and years of professional experience, Luchi has gained keen insight into the health food industry.


Years of making connections and traveling around the world has given Luchi an established network of the most well-respected and highest quality companies.

Rapidly Growing

Luchi is quickly becoming a major player in the health food industry and is looking for longterm partners that want to grow with us.
Why Luchi?

Luchi is All Encompassing

We offer many services that can prove to be extremely beneficial to you. Our expertise is extensive and we hope you take full advantage.Browse through our services and see which ones fit your current needs or those you may have in the future. Maybe its one serivce you are seeking, maybe its all of them…

Our Services are Proven

With years of experience in working with companies, products, suppliers and stores we are confident that we can be valuable for you.

Ready to Begin?

Time is very sensitive because as you are reading this a competitor out there is getting the help that is needed to be successful in our industry. If you are truly ready to begin working with us then please fill out the forms below and let’s get started.

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