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Luchi Brand Logo & Web Development

Luchi can create your image

One of the choice services that we offer is the creation of your brand, logo and/or website. With our talented and experienced design team, your company is sure to be pleased.

Your brand is you – people immediately associate it with you, and it quickly becomes the face of your company. Branding is much more than a name or a slogan; it is the essence of your business. The brand is what will affect people on an emotional level when they think of your company.

When you see a logo, your mind processes it and certain feelings or attitudes about that particular company come out. It is important that from the very beginning your brand is representative of your company and your values. A logo must be simple, easily recognized, yet clear, distinct and even bold.

A website is the ‘home’ of your business. It is very important, especially when building your brand. Whether you sell a service or a product, your website should be informative, clean and user friendly. Statistics show that if a site is too slow or “cluttered,” users stay less than 10-15 seconds. We can provide hosting and website design services that are tailored specifically to your business needs.

How would it work?

Suppose your company “Really Good For You” wants to recreate its brand and logo. Through frequent phone and email meetings, our team will work with yours to determine the necessary changes and steps to be made in order to better reach your company’s target market. Our design team then creates a new brand and logo, coordinating with your team to ensure satisfaction throughout the process, and will remain in constant contact to assure a successful implementation.

If you are interested in our brand/logo/website services please contact us and fill out the necessary form. Contact Us.