About Us

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To Our Customers

We strive to introduce a line of products that will surpass anything you can imagine at a price that is competitive within our industry.

To Our Partners

We work to assure a smooth transition from manufacturer to market. As a Luchi customer, your products will shine and stand out amongst the rest.

To our communities and environment

As our business grows, we understand that it is our responsibility to give back and raise awareness of issues that affect our industry now and in the future.

To Ourselves

It is our commitment to always stay true to ourselves – to act ethically both in business and in life.

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What sets us apart

Luchi is a rapidly growing distributor of the finest and most potent natural products. The line of products includes nutritional supplements, personal care items, health foods and more. We are very selective about which companies we work with in order to uphold our core values. Luchi is not only an outstanding distributor, but also a provider of innovative services to help achieve maximum benefit for our customers and suppliers. These services include co-packing, fulfillment, bulk ingredients, logistics, logo/brand development and others.

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Our belief is to devote our attention and resources to each customer and supplier equally. Business works best when a close and personal relationship is upheld. This relationship is the foundation for trust, and trust is essential for business growth. We are growing into the same market presence as the ‘big guys’ while maintaining our values.

We are not like the big guys

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Green Ambitions

What enjoyment does business bring if no good is being done around the world? We strive to give back in order to make the people and environment around us better than yesterday – our success means success for the world around us. We are committed to proper, organic agricultural techniques that will not deplete the soil. We work with Fair Trade, vegan and organic ingredients. Proactivity is the essential element of our Green Ambitions.

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What are we all about

Founded in Florida in 2009, Luchi is the offshoot of an established entrepreneur in the health and natural products industry. Years of experience in the industry in the form of sales, product development and network building served as a basis for the creation of Luchi. The most significant spark in Luchi’s creation was, however, our own desire to seek out the highest quality products. We are the consumers of the products that we distribute; as such, we truly adore the companies that we work with. Sharing our industry knowledge and these wonderful products is our passion.

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The internet and stores everywhere are full of products that are coined “natural” but are, in fact, full of preservatices, additives, sweeteners and thickeners, to name a few. We are on a mission to supply stores and their customers with the best possible products; products that deserve the label “natural.” Researching and seeking out these products is an around-the-clock job, but our team is determined to succeed.

Our purpose

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    Luchi Organics
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